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1. If a DataFort 2.x or later appliance fails, which three information sources can be used with the DataFort Wizard to recreate the configuration information on a replacement? (Choose three.) 
A. *.xdf file from LKM software/appliance 
B. mysqldump of DataFort configDB 
C. *.xdf file from manual backup 
D. *.lkm file from LKM software/appliance 
E. surviving cluster member 
2. In 2.x firmware, how many virtual storage devices (targets) and virtual client hosts (initiators) can be
attached to a single FC525 model DataFort? 
A. 1 virtual storage device and 8 virtual client hosts 
B. 7 virtual storage device and 7 virtual client hosts 
C. 8 virtual storage device and 8 virtual client hosts 
D. 8 virtual storage device and 32 virtual client hosts 
E. 16 virtual storage device and 128 virtual client hosts 
Answer: B 
3. Which two can authorize Key Translation? (Choose two.) 
A. the source DataFort administrator 
B. the destination DataFort administrator 
C. the LKM administrator 
D. a quorum of Recovery Cards and passwords 
E. a Recovery Key Archive file 
Answer: DE

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