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1. A company has deployed a NetApp dual controller FAS3100 series with iSCSI. Currently, there are five Windows servers and three Novell NetWare servers connected to the IP SAN. The customer wants to connect an HP-UX server to the IP SAN. Which cfmode allows all operating systems to co-exist in the IP SAN?
C.cfmode not applicable
2. Click the Exhibit button. A Solaris 10 host with VERITAS Storage Foundation 4.1 is FCP attached to a FAS3140 high availability storage system running single image cfmode. Using the diagram shown, which ports will be considered active by VERITAS DMP using the NetApp ASL to a LUN on controller 1 mapped to host 1?
A.Port 0b on controller 1 only
B.Port 0d on controller 1 only
C.Port 0b and 0d on controller 1 only
D.Ports 0b and 0d on both controller 1 and controller 2
3. For which four operations would you use igroup throttles on a NetApp storage solution? (Choose four.) assign a specific percentage of the queue resources on each physical port to the igroup manage pathing to the LUNs reserve a minimum percentage of queue resources for a specific igroup limit the number of concurrent I/O requests an initiator can send to the storage system restrict an igroup to a maximum percentage of use manage space reclamation 
4. Which command do you use to see the rate of change between two successive Snapshot copies in a flexible volume in Data ONTAP?
A.snap diff
B.snap calculate
C.snap delta
D.snap space 

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